The Best Advice I’ve Ever Received On Vacation


Three girls, one city. 

SOOO my cousin called and asked my sister and I if we wanted to take a trip to San Fransisco for her birthday! Naturally, we both said yes and booked our tickets to The Golden City (sorry if this name bothers you, locals) that night. 


Immediately I was on Google and Pinterest looking for the coolest spots to check out while visiting.

Everyone does this, right?

Our flight was delayed 3 different times which drove my sister and I absolutely crazy…but, we managed to let that go and get in our vacation/party mode. We landed around 11:30 and Uber Pooled (so easy and super cheap) to our hotel near Fisherman’s Wharf. We stayed at the Marriot on Colombus Ave which I highly recommend to anyone wanting a location near many San Fransisco Landmarks including the Golden Gate bridge. 

We started the trip at a local Karaoke Bar the same night we got in. There were maybe 4 other people there singing with us. I have never done Karaoke before, so this was really fun. I highly recommend getting out of your comfort zone and belting a song to total strangers. #WorthIt! It was super late already, but we didn’t care.

The night was young, it was our cousins birthday, and we were finally on a girls trip that we had been planning since we were little. 

The following day we went to Union street and hit up Coffee Roastery in Marina District which I would definitely recommend. We headed over to Fishermans Wharf for a really nice lunch at Fog Harbor overlooking the water. We ate more seafood and put down more wine than you can possibly imagine. The wine I would recommend, the copious amounts of seafood I would not. You can check out pictures and menu items of the restaurant here. We definitely walked off all those calories in China Town later that evening and following day because of the MANY hills SF has to offer. Later that evening we went out to local bars for some good cocktails and music. We ended the night with a vending machine dinner and went to sleep with big smiles…(cheesy, Ik). We got a lot of shopping in and hit up the coolest restaurants. The last night we were there we went to a restaurant called  Park Tavern and got to sit at the chefs table in the back. We watched all of the chefs cook the food for the guests and received (what felt like) the royal treatment. My sister may or may not have fallen off of her chair at the end of dinner and had the entire room concerned and helping her back up. 

If you’re into cocktail bars and want a place with great service, 15 Romolo in North Beach was amazing. You can check out there menu here . 

The weekend pretty much consisted of lots of drinks, food, and laughter.

The weekend was perfect and just what we wanted. To top it off, our Uber driver on the way to the airport was an older gentleman that wanted to share all of the knowledge he had. We were absolutely exhausted and just wanted to sleep on the ride back, but he was the sweetest man and genuinely cared for people and their well-being. My sister, cousin and I learned so much in this 30 minute drive from him about the city of San Fransisco, the world, and our lives. It was the best advice I have ever received from a stranger. Thank You Mr. Uber driver for making a perfect end to a great vacation with my best friends. 



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