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Weekend in Duck Creek, Utah

I feel like I talk about Utah a LOT here on my blog. There is a good reason for it, though. For starters, it’s beautiful up here during the winter with all the snow and it makes for the best picture backdrop. 

My family likes to take mini weekend vacations to Duck Creek every now and then because it’s only a 3 hour (very easy) drive from Vegas. To get to Duck Creek Village it takes about 30 minutes up a windy mountain. Don’t worry though…it’s not an “I feel really dizzy (about to pukey) because we’ve been twistin and turnin” drive. The views are unreal and almost too good to be true. Every time we drive up as a family, the car is silent because we are all taking in the views. There are not enough snapchats and Instagram videos to show the beauty of this place.

Winter Guide in Utah

Such a nice change in weather from Las Vegas.

Don’t get me wrong…this drive was incredible. BUUUUT I was panicking a little because the drive was slightly different due to the weather conditions. The snow is incredible and such a nice change from the cold in Vegas. It got a little blizzardy (I am making that a word) on our way up and you LITERALLY could not see the road. See why I would panic a little? Internally of course…I am a pro at freaking everyone out around me so I had to keep the nervousness to myself. **Sigh**

We made it safe and sound (Thank Goodness), but it was quite the journey up the mountain. 

It doesn’t end there though. Ha! We are about two minutes away from the cabin and what happens? Too much snow to make it on the driveway… We laughed it off and waited for someone to come move the snow for us. Until snow man (lol) showed up, we had to walk everything into the cabin from the bottom of the hill where we parked the car. Let me just explain how much snow there was and what I decided to wear on the drive up… **Side eye emoji**

I basically sunk into the snow once I stepped out of the car and my socks, shoes, and bottom of my jeans were soaked! I wore converse because I… well actually I have no idea why I wore converse that day. I need to be a little bit more strategic with my outfit choices for the snow in the future. Boots and snow pants would have been ideal. But hey, you live and you learn.

This weekend was an absolute blast watching my brothers snowboard, watching movies as snow falls outside, sitting by the fire and playing endless games of Rummikub with the family. I am pretty sure we ate enough food for an entire army, but whatever. Vacations are meant for eating…Am I right or am I right? 🙂

While watching my brothers snowboard I realized that one of my fingers was feeling really numb. When I looked down I saw that I had a giant hole in my gloves and completely lost it. Too funny. FYI we have a ridiculous amount of gloves in my house and of course I would pick ones with a missing finger. My poor phalanges. I’ve also learned that the weather app on our iphones LIE to us. It wasn’t 20 degrees outside. No! It felt like a whopping 5 degrees. We all started to look like Rudolf. He’s cute though so I don’t mind.


  • I have now learned to check my gloves before heading outside.
  • I must wear snow pants instead of leggings or jeans.
  • Converse will just not cut it in the snow.

Thank goodness for my mom and sister because I had some nice boots to wear the rest of the weekend with room for two pairs of THE WARMEST socks! Hallelujah. I was also super warm in this lightweight, full-length zip jacket that you can find online here and here. It makes for really easy packing because it can be easily compressed. To be honest, I really just love it because it keeps my entire body warm! I highly recommend investing in one.

Any other snow tips? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

funky-pink-heart, Olive B.


Snow In Utah

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