How to Bare the Cold Seattle Weather

Tulip Town in Seattle, Washington

My family took a trip to Washington for a little family getaway & to meet up with my extended family for the Jewish holiday of Passover. I love Seattle and going on vacation with my family is always a good time. I do have to mention that coming from Vegas (with beautiful Spring weather), did not make me a huge fan of the cold weather & rain that I experienced in Washington.


This is what I learned about myself in the cold rain…

  • I get really hungry when the weather isn’t bright and happy.
  • All I want to do is curl up in bed and watch some Netflix…Oh, and eat some more.
  • I have perfected my resting b**** face.
  • Let me know where the nearest cafe is because I want a hot coffee. Or tea.


I’ve added a few extra pounds, but who cares… Vacation! My gym schedule is written down and I will be attending a lot of hot yoga, pilates and boxing classes this week. It will be summer before we know it.

The second day in Seattle we all drove to the cutest town…Tulip Town!

Who knew there was such a thing. If you follow me on Instagram you now know that tulips have become my favorite flower. They are so pretty. Bright, colorful, full of life and really abundant. The fields of tulips I experienced were amaze-balls and something I never thought I would experience.

After an hour or so drive from Seattle, I thought I would be seeing Tulips when pulled off to the side of the road. Maybe take a few pictures and have a picnic. Wrong!


I have never seen something like this before.

We pull up to a barn (that had an admissions fee…) with a line of people waiting to enter. Walked inside and what do you know…tulip heaven. Red tulips, yellow tulips, purple tulips, red and yellow tulips, blue tulips, pink tulips…etc. Explanations of where these tulips come from and their names were lined on the walls of the barn. That was awesome, but wait! We walked outside and BAM fields of tulips. Literally picture perfect. The best backdrop for family photos, portraits and selfies. I was very happy.

It was kind of sad when we left, but we went to another BEAUTIFUL field with rows of tulips without an admissions fee. Now that I think about it…why didn’t we go here first? Anyways, this place was unbelievable and I could’ve stayed another 3 hours. If you plan on visiting, I highly recommend taking a trip here.

It was easy not to notice the cold weather when surrounded by beautiful flowers and family. This was a perfect way to start spring and an even better way to spend the day with family. It was fun getting out of the city to explore a little.

Where is your favorite place to visit?


Olive B.

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