Whose Kitchen?

img_4359Does anyone else wake up craving a fresh juice or salad? Yeah me either…but come mid day, I am all about fresh salads, smoothies, juices, and fruit bowls. At Rachel’s kitchen, there is something to suit every palate with fresh, wholesome ingredients. I love love love the Cobb salad and get it almost every time I go. However, this time I decided to try something a little different because I went earlier in the day and thought a salad might not cut it.

Let’s talk Acai Bowls. They have become a huge fad and it’s no wonder because these things literally look like you are eating ice cream for breakfast. Mmmm. I am sure most people have tried it, but if you haven’t…you’re welcome. After eating a bowl (or two) you will be very happy because not only have you satisfied your sweet tooth, but you will be full for hours. This one at Rachel’s Kitchen is very different from other Acai bowls I have tried and I am obsessed. Acai bowls are basically a really thick fruit smoothie topped with your choice of granola, nuts, fruit, coconut or peanut butter. This one at Rachel’s Kitchen is just that, but instead of having granola just on top, there was granola on the bottom as well. Double granola-what what?

Rachel’s Kitchen never disappoints and I always leave with a happy belly. Don’t worry about driving across town to eat here because there are eight locations around the valley. Airport included.





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