What season is it?

Las Vegas Weather

Raise your hand if you are also confused by this weather? I know I am. I’m wearing boots with shorts and long sleeve t-shirts…JUST IN CASE. You know?

Will I be hot? Will I be cold?

11899737_516412358524740_2025717467_nSo many questions, I can’t even handle it. I now have Siri give me weather updates every morning so I don’t look like a crazy person. I am aware that no one is photographing me and sticking me in the back of People Magazines ‘What Not To Wear’ issue, but still…for my own sanity, I want to look and dress the part of a Las Vegas local.

It’s November now and I am still not wearing my boots and sweaters everyday. But that’s okay because I know its coming…soon. I hope. It’s that weird transitional period for Las Vegans because we have that blazing hot sun on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and then bammmm Friday comes and sh** it’s freezing outside and I wish I packed a sweater. Then… Saturday hits us and we think we should wear a sweater, because Friday was effing freezing and that sweater that I forgot yesterday is now on me today…but it is as hot as it was on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so I am REALLY CONFUSED.

{Side note: Does anyone else have a hard time writing ‘Wednesday?’ I misspell it every time.}

What I am trying to say is that we can all be a little confused sometimes so here is the weather report for the rest of the week. ↓ Good luck.


(It’s a little hot…a little cold. Get it?)

funky-pink-heart, Olive B.


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