What is life in Las Vegas really like?

Well I live on the 32nd floor of the Wynn, my mom is a stripper, before my day starts I gamble at LEAST $300 and I go to Hakassan every other night.

Whaaat? Hell no!

I do NOT live by Tiesto. I have never met Celine Dione. My dad is not a professional poker player and my mom is most definitely not a stripper. Oh, and I do not live in a hotel.

I get asked all the time what life is like living here… Vegas friends, you know what I am talking about. When I went away for college in Arizona, I was not expecting the reaction I got when I told people I was from Las Vegas. Why do people yell, “VEGAAAAAS” when you say you are from Las Vegas?!? I don’t scream FLORIDAAAAA when people tell me they are from Miami. Anyways. The first thing one girl asked me when rushing a sorority was, “OMG, so what’s life like in Las Vegas? Do people really drink every night there?” What? I stared at her for a solid minute… “People drink, but mostly tourists who come for the weekend and want to have a good time,” I said. Whenever I travel I get the same reaction. I started thinking of creative ways to let people know that Vegas is awesome, but it is also my home and what I do every day is probably not what they think I do everyday.

Please understand that by no means I am salty towards anyone for not knowing what Las Vegas is really like. This city is mentioned in most movies, TV shows, books, game shows…etc. Everyone only talks about the strip so it is what people know. There is so much to do here and my day does NOT involve gambling and partying. I already hear most people saying, “Sivan, WE KNOW!” But, do you? Do you know what most people do every day here? Do you know what the suburbs of Las Vegas look like? Where we see movies? What we do for fun? What homes look like?

I invite you to take a look at my life, my city, my FUN! I feel blessed to call Las Vegas home and I want to share it with you.


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