Ways to Avoid an Intersection Collision with Naqvi Injury Law

Las Vegas Crash Statistics Naqvi

Ways to Avoid an Intersection Collision with Naqvi Injury Law


I’ve recently partnered with Naqvi Injury Law to share with you ways we can practice safe driving. I have witnessed some of the worst intersection collisions and want to share some crash statistics and why collisions are happening.

Annual Global Road Crash Statistic with Naqvi

Naqvi Law Firm has put together some amazing graphics that have blown my mind. The crash statistics are insane.

Check out their website for personal stories from some of their very own attorneys as well as recent cases.

Driving in Las Vegas was not always like this. By “like this” I mean absolutely crazy. More and more people are moving to this city and with new people come many new drivers. Car accidents are happening left and right and nearly 1.3 million people die in road crashes each year. That is insane.

At times, driving in this city can feel like a nightmare. If we practice safe driving and encourage those around us to stay safe on the road, then we can debunk the statistic of traffic injuries becoming the 5th leading cause of death by 2030.

You’re probably wondering what this post has to do with Las Vegas. This city is so transient, populated, ever-growing, and home to many tourists. It is so crucial that we keep residents and tourists as safe as possible before returning home. Naqvi’s statistics show us where the highest risk of injuries and accidents take place. Please take a look and feel free to share in the comments if you have ever witnessed or experienced an interstate collision. Crash Statistics in Las Vegas

I am writing this post to share the many ways in which we can be safer on the roads here in Vegas and AVOID intersection collisions at all costs. Not sure about you, but I would like my friends, family and all of YOU home safe and sound every night. Practice safe driving and encourage those around you to do the same.

Below are five ways you can practice safe driving:

  1. Don’t be distracted while driving – In other words, no texting and driving. Sad that we need a constant reminder about this, but PLEASE get off your phones.
  2. Driving under the influence. If you’re questioning whether or not it is safe to drive after a night out, get yourself an uber. The car will be there in the morning.
  3. Speeding. Be mindful and slow down. As my parents have always told me – “It’s better to be 5 minutes late in this world, than 5 minutes early in the next.” Let that sink in.
  4. Vehicle defects. Some of us **pointing directly at myself** neglect giving our cars the routine check. Make sure to check for defective brakes and faulty tires.
  5. Double check the road/intersection before driving. This will ensure that you have seen any motorist or vehicle.

Check out these crash statistics and Las Vegas locations that are notorious for intersection accidents. 

Naqvi Injury Law Crash Statistics

Check out these crazy crash statistics.

Visit Naqvi Injury Law for more crash statistics and personal stories.

If intersection collisions are a fear of yours, check out these places you should AVOID driving if you can. Be mindful on the road and encourage those around you to practice safe driving.


Common Causes of Intersection Accidents

I would love to hear your thoughts on driving in Las Vegas. Is it absolutely crazy here? Have you ever experienced an intersection collision? 

I would love for you all to share this post (Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook!) and spread the word about staying safe on the road. People need a reminder sometimes. 

Drive Safely! ♥

Update as of 1/11/2019

We all know that crash statistics are always updating as time goes by. The numbers increase or decrease regularly.

Here is the updated graphics and information regarding crash statistics in Nevada. If interested, there is information regarding annual crash statistics for the United States and the world. All this and more located HERE

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