Stop and Smell the Roses

I’m not going to lie it was rough getting back into the swing of things this week. Labor Day weekend was so much fun. I got to spend time with my family and didn’t want it to end. Turns out I didn’t stay in Vegas…not surprised. My family loves traveling to Utah because it is a three-hour drive to Cedar City where we stay. We spend time making a fire, watching movies and even go on long ATV rides. I absolutely love it and cherish each moment I get to spend with my parents, brothers and sister up in the mountains. The weekend went by WAY too fast and reality set in really quickly once we drove back. It’s crazy how fast everyone jumps back into doing their own thing. My youngest brother jumped right into studying (I’m convinced he’s going to be the next Bill Gates), and my other brother and sister were excited to start their second week of college together.

When I got back home I felt like I was watching a movie. You know how in movies the character is standing still and everything around them starts moving in warp speed, but the person doesn’t move…just stands there looking confused and tries to take everything in? I know, that probably didn’t make sense. What I am trying to say is that I feel like life is moving way too fast. How is it possible that I have two siblings now in college and another sibling looking into colleges? Everyone is always so busy and as I see everyone moving in warp speed, I must remind myself to stop and “smell the roses.” Before I know it, all of my sibling will have graduated from college and taking on life just like me. As I am standing there watching everyone move a million miles an hour, I realize that I can’t continue to let life move so quickly. It’s so easy to get lost as everything moves fast, but it is so important to take a breath and slow down. Labor day weekend and the beginning of this week I found myself getting stressed about where I am in my life. Sounds so silly, but a lot has changed for me and I am feeling scared about living in the unknown. I took a risk and got out of my comfort zone…but now what? I guess it’s okay to live in the unknown and not know what is going to happen tomorrow. I find it important to slow down my day to remove myself from feeling stressed and anxious so that I can be present and enjoy each moment of my life.



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