Spirituality and the 5 Steps to Manifesting Everything You Desire

Spirituality and Manifestation

What does it mean to manifest?


The word Manifestation seems to be thrown around a lot recently.

I’m all for it, but I feel like not many people know exactly what it means to manifest. Now, I’m no expert, but after reading countless articles, many books (on audible to be specific), podcasts, and lectures I feel like I can shed some wisdom on this topic if you’re open to it. Yes, you need to be open-minded to the thought of spirituality and manifestation otherwise this will sound like a bunch of mumbo jumbo. No one likes mumbo jumbo…

Ok, so what does it mean to manifest? Ultimately, manifestation is being the energy of what it is that you desire. It is training your thoughts and energy to become a magnet for miracles.

The energy you put out is what you receive.

I owe a lot of my knowledge of manifestation and spirituality to Gabrielle Bernstein who says, “The key to manifesting is to dwell in the feeling you want.” She shares her secrets of effortless manifesting on her site which is a great place to get all the tools you need to start your manifestation journey.

Another great place to start is with her book, “The Universe Has Your Back” on Amazon or Audible. I decided to get the audible version and listened to the entire book in a day and a half. Listened to it again a week later because it is THAT good. I have recommended it to all of my friends and family and will continue to do so until everyone has their hands on it. I am on a mission.  Grab a copy here or download the audible version today. 

What I have learned from manifestation is that when we allow ourselves to be in a state of relaxation or stillness, we begin to manifest our greatest desires. These desires can include health, wealth, love, abundance, and so much more.

“When you are in alignment with what you want, and you feel it, then you begin to manifest it into your life.” -Gabrielle Bernstein

The topic of manifestation and spirituality is not a new concept and comes from the Law of Attraction. It is among the most popular of the Universal Laws and has gained a lot of popularity over the last decade or so.  

The phenom that I believe started it all is from the book and movie, “The Secret” written by Rhonda Byrne who presents teachers alive today who reveal ways individuals have eradicated diseases, acquired massive wealth, and overcame obstacles. If you have never heard of this book, make sure to check it out. My parents introduced me to this book and concept when I was in High School, but at the time was probably not ready to understand or even appreciate this universal principle.

You might be thinking this is way too overwhelming…

The truth is, all of these amazing teachers, books, podcasts, and articles share the same concept. Don’t worry about what book to purchase or which video to watch when getting started. Once you become open to manifestation and open your heart to this idea, you will be amazed to find what falls into your lap. Do not be surprised when a friend shares with you an article that is aligned with this topic or when a video pops up on your Facebook. The universe is providing everything you need to know for a reason – at the right place and the right time. Much like reading this blog post right here, right now.

5 Steps to Manifesting Everything You Desire: 

  1. See it

You know that saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it?” WRONG! Start saying to yourself, “I’ll see it when I believe it.” This is from another amazing author, Dr. Wayne Dyer. It is important to get so clear on what is that you desire that you see it right in front of you. Ask yourself: What would it look like to have everything you desire? Where are you when you receive it? What are you wearing? Who are you with? Create the scene in your head and on paper of everything you wish you manifest. Meditate on it. Check out this Kundalini meditation video by Gabby Bernstein to get started.

  1. Feel it

Cultivate the feelings you want. Saying you want something is great. I want stuff, too. In order to receive what it is we want, we must feel it as if we already have it in our possession. For example, manifesting great love means acknowledging, accepting and appreciating the non-romantic relationships we already have in our lives. Start to feel and act as if it is already real. Do this with everything you desire.

  1. Have fun

Life works in wonderful ways when we are having fun. When we are enjoying the process and not worried about the result, life starts to happen. Smile more, get outside, dance, and spend time with loved ones. Do the things you LOVE – big or small. Go to sleep with a smile on your face knowing that the universe has your back.

  1. Daily Practice

This transformation does not happen overnight. Manifesting takes practice. Do some research and find a spiritual teacher you love to guide you through this journey. I’d also like to share that I practice this daily by writing everything down. Check out this article, The Psychology of Writing down Goals for insight on why people have better recall for information when writing things down.

  1. Trust the process

Say it with me – I will trust the process! Don’t get caught up on when it will happen. Work on surrendering your thoughts to the universe and allow everything to unfold the way it should. When you question your manifestation, you’re telling the universe to prove to you it doesn’t work. Stay positive and continue to remind yourself, “The Universe Has My back!” Repeat it daily and don’t get discouraged.

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