Small businesses that need our help


Businesses Need Our Help

Las Vegas is pretty quiet at the moment which is rare for a city that doesn’t sleep. The strip is officially closed and the streets are empty. It’s quite eerie if you ask me. I have never seen Las Vegas like this and hope this craziness leaves soon because I want people back – in my life, on the strip, in restaurants, blah blah blah.

I know people are really over Facetime hangout’s and teachers and students across the U.S are more than done with zoom calls – funny because the schools have officially begun this week since Spring Break.

Hoping everyone finds some light in this situation.

Whether it’s spending time with your family, reading the book that’s been sitting on your shelf, baking cookies, learning a new language, or binge-watching a series. There are so many things to do that we all push to the side because work gets in the way. I’m looking at this time as a blessing to work on things that I “say” I never have time to do. Well, no excuses now. Anything you’ve been working on or trying now that we have some free time?

I’ve already written a list of things I plan to do once this is over and let me tell you, I am SO excited. This time at home has made me appreciate the things I took for granted. The restaurants I got to sit in, the happy hours with friends, the picnics at parks, museums, casinos, shows, sporting events, stocked shelves in the grocery stores (I REALLY took that for granted). I have a new perspective on life like many people at this time. I have read so many blog posts (lots of time on my hands) and Instagram captions talking about how grateful they were for the things they used to do every day.

Ooof, long rant. All in all, this will leave as fast as it came and as long as we all stay inside and practice social distancing, we can knock this thing right out. You with me or you with me? 🙂

As most of us know, Las Vegas businesses (especially small, local ones) are hurting at this time.

I decided to compile a list of places in Vegas that you guys can support.

Anything small helps. Ordering from a restaurant once a week, Instagram likes and comments to your favorite stores, positive Yelp reviews, or buying gift cards for friends and family members to use once we are out of quarantine are just a few ways we can help spread the love during this time. I encourage you to help in any way you can and believe me, your generosity will not go unnoticed.

Thankfully, many restaurants have not closed down. The only difference is instead of eating at the restaurant you’ll just take your food to go. Now, most restaurants in Vegas have that “fast food” feel which makes ordering your favorite dish super easy.

Before we get into a list of restaurants still offering curbside/to-go orders, I’d like to mention other ways you can help. There are many online businesses looking for support at this time. Shop online with some of that spare time you have and buy gift cards for those companies. Also, share posts on your social media accounts promoting these local Las Vegas businesses. You don’t know how much a little like, share, and comment helps and when it’s done it is the best feeling in the world. This is coming from someone who is also running a small business.

Also, small messages of encouragement to these Las Vegas businesses right now means the world. Take time out of your day to send kind words to these local businesses. It will put a smile on their face and give them the encouragement they need to keep going! In fact, we can all use a bit of encouragement right now.

My words of encouragement to you – You’ve got this! There is a light at the end of the tunnel. This too shall pass!

Spread kindness, love, encouragement, and positivity right now ♥

Here is a list of places that are offering take away

The following list was taken from different Las Vegas local news stations as well as on Instagram.
If I have missed any, please share it in the comments. 

Donna Italia Pizza

Mothership Coffee Roasters

Aware Coffee & Tea Lounge

Lotus of Siam

Marche Bacchus


Pin Kaow

Freeds Bakery


Rachels Kitchen

Pinches Tacos

The Bagel Cafe

DW Bistro at The Gramercy

The Cuppa at The Gramercy

Nacho Daddy


Esther’s Kitchen

The Black Sheep

Evel Pie

jjanga steak & sushi

Echo & Rig

El Dorado Cantina


Vesta Coffee

Cheba Hut

Cafe Breizh

Belly Bombz

Aloha Kitchen

595 Craft Kitchen

Blue Fin Sushi & Roll


Daniel’s Coffee

Dirt Dog

Cafe Lola

Biwon las Vegas

Flower Child

Good Pie

Honey Salt

Founders Coffee

Mr. Chopstix


Kapuna Cafe

Island Flavor

Fuku Burger

Lucy’s Waffles

Fox Smokehouse BBQ

Slater’s 50/50

Sen of Japan

Public School 702

Protein House

Sunrise Coffee

x Juice Box LV

The Stove

Wing King

Truffles N Bacon

The Cookie Bar

Pasta Shop Ristorante

Pellegrini Express

California Pizza Kitchen


Cafe Rio

Mimi’s Cafe



Jason’s Deli

Grape Vine Cafe



Viva Las Arepas



Five Guys

Frankie’s Uptown

Skinny Fats

Crumbl Cookies

Downtown Terrace

808 Sushi

Ariela’s Pizza

Kosher Kitchen

Bad Ass Coffee Truck

Las Vegas Businesses Las Vegas Businesses



  1. These are some good ideas.

  2. Morgan Tyner says:

    What a beautiful display of encouragement, empathy, and support. Though I don’t live in Las Vegas, I’m 100% going to checkout some of these places and show them some love. You are so thoughtful to curate this incredible post of tribute to all of these wonderful small businesses. I do believe we are EACH supposed to lift one another up during this very difficult time. We should do so regardless, but definitely during this time of added confusion and unknown. Thank you for this amazing share! You are certainly a shining light!

  3. Olivia says:

    Aware Coffee in the north west! They are a coffee and Tea lounge. Their burbon vanilla latte is amazing!

  4. Lubna says:

    I really appreciate your effort. You are generous and good. Hope this brings change. Thank you for sharing…

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