Shop Till You Drop


Have you ever gone on vacation and lost your luggage? It sucks! Panick sets in when you arrive and we automatically think about what favorite shoes have now gone missing. Many times there are stores around the corner to pick up the essentials. But when there are no stores in site?!?! Uh-Oh!

Thankfully you do not have to worry about that here! Las Vegas is home to some of the most amazing shopping in the world. You name it, we have it! Forum Shops at Caesars, The Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian/Palazzo, Miracle Mile Shoppes at Planet Hollywood, Fashion Show Mall, Crystals at City Center, Town Square, Grand Bazaar Shops, Shopping Promenade at Treasure Island, North Premium outlet… As you can see, the list goes on and on. I’m not going to lie, it does get dangerous. If you are looking for something a little less expensive, Downtown Summerlin is where it’s at! Most locals will tell you that this was one of the best things that has happened to the Summerlin area.

More than 200 acres is home to 125 shops, dining, and entertainment. Downtown Summerlin caters to both the local community and the entire Las Vegas Valley. There are prime Kodak moments here to look forward to so get those cameras ready again. My favorite stores here are Macy’s, Francesca’s, Lululemon (who doesn’t love this place), and Gap. Some of the stores are hidden, but walk around for long enough and you will find everything you need and more. When I am done shopping, I love eating at Grape Street Café which offers a California bistro style cuisine with a Mediterranean and Italian menu (I’ll do a separate post on this place because it is that good!) Their dishes are amazing…. & don’t even get me started on their wine list. Amazing.

Don’t expect to come to Downtown Summerlin for an hour because before you know it, the sun is down, your tummy will thank you and you’ll be rocking some new clothes. Go explore, shop till you drop and take amazing pictures while you’re at it. I know I did.

P.S. In the month of September, Tru Fusion and Downtown Summerlin are hosting a Yoga on the Lawn series…FOR FREE! So if shopping wasn’t enough of a workout for you, come do some yoga to burn off that wine from Grape Street.

 Photos: Downtown SummerlinDowntownSummerlin_1_1200x560

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