My Obsession With Denim


This obsession is real guys. It’s my denim obsession.

Really not sure how this started or where my love for denim even began. I seriously add a piece of denim to every outfit and I am not complaining about it. My friends know that I will always buy a new denim jacket (even if it’s 120 degrees in the Vegas desert). It’s my thing. I love it. Let me share.

Las Vegas Blogger Denim Obsession

I have an entire section in my closet dedicated to denim.

It is composed of LOTS of jean jackets, jeans, jean shorts, jean skirts, overalls, and jean dresses. I’m not kidding. The more options, the better. I believe denim can truly stay with you forever as long as you take care of it. I STILL wear my denim jacket that my parents bought for me in middle school. It’s light washed and one of my favorites out of all the denim I own because it is worn in. That’s what I love about denim. The more you wear it, the more comfortable it gets and the better it feels.

I have broken down a few of my favorites for you guys and I would love to know what you think. Are you as denim obsessed as I am? What’s your favorite piece of denim in your closet?

  1. These light blue denim blue jeans are a must have. They are a cropped, boyfriend style with fringe or flair on the bottom. You’ll see this style everywhere this summer. It’s super trendy and can be worn with pretty much anything.
  2. With denim jackets I believe you really need to try on different styles to see what you like and what fits best. You might like it cropped, longer, loose fitted, etc. I’ve linked this J. Crew style denim that I am obsessed with. I am not kidding when I say you can wear it with anything.
  3. Let’s talk about the perfect summer dress. Since the Vegas heat is REAL and can get to 120 degrees…I need an outfit that will not stick to my body. Something that screams easy and breezy. This dress from Billabong is super affordable and extremely comfy. I pair this with my converse, flats, sandals… It’s my go-to for the summer and I am not sorry for re-wearing this piece every day.
  4. Overalls are making a comeback and I am so excited. The day I moved from California (I was 9), I wore overalls with a really loose fitted T-shirt and lady bug earrings. Just thought you guys should know. Anyways, I’m happy we’re bringing this back. Let’s just hope the lady bug earrings will be making a comeback soon as well. Love those little guys.
  5. Denim skirts are also making a comeback. I used to wear these all the time in my Elementary and Middle School days. Just had to make sure my fingertips were not below the skirt. This is another piece that is perfect for the summer. It’s breezy and works well with any top. The black denim is very versatile so I even wear this with blue denim if I’m feeling the all-denim look.
  6. If you’ve never purchased denim from Top shop, I highly recommend trying them out. My denim from here has lasted a few seasons now and I still re-wear them all the time. These denim shorts go with everything and are so comfortable and very affordable.
  7. This summer collection from FRAME is making its mark on celebrities like Hailey Baldwin that you might be seeing all over Instagram. It’s lightly frayed and has a little slit in the front for some added detailing. This white denim skirt is not yet in my closet, but it will be soon. I’ve had my eye on it for some time now so I’ll definitely be adding it to my shopping bag.
  8. I am ending this list with my favorite denim jacket. It’s also from Top Shop and runs pretty big, which I love. If you know me, you know that I love everything oversized. I just love the hobo, am I homeless or trendy, look and I am all about comfort. This one is light washed and perfect to wear over a summer dress.

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