Mini Update


What’s up you guys?!

X Marks The Spot

Long time no speak. Makes me so sad.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that I posted a picture with a little mini update on what is happening in my life. I thought I’d hop on and fully write it out (not just for myself) but for you as well.

I have been falling behind. <– See what I did there? 😉  We are in Fall… I’m “falling” behind. Get it? Get it?

All jokes aside, I have been in the worst creative funk. Not just in this creative space, but in life as well. I know i’m still young and people keep telling me not to worry, but quite honestly I can’t help it.

They say that the comparison game is considered the thief of joy, but with social media these days… I can’t help it. Can you?

The likes, comments, aesthetic, followers…blah blah blah. Who can relate?

Being away this weekend for Thanksgiving break taught me that being happy and spending time with friends and family is what’s most important. If anyone out there is feeling the same, i’m with you. Just remember that we are exactly where we need to be. Never lose sight of what’s important in life and STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE!

Happiness first –> Everything else second.

Be ready for some epic posts on the Olive Brunette. Im ready, are you??? 🙂





  1. Talia Gavish says:

    I love it, Sivan. Missed you on here!!!! Welcome back 😉 can’t wait to read/ see all of your exciting upcoming posts. Everyone falls in these funks once in a while, the important thing is that you recognized it & are willing to fix it. I could not be prouder of you!!!!! I love you and I love The Olive Brunette

  2. Sigal says:

    Everyone has their ups and downs in life, but recognizing what’s MOST important is crucial to success. Give yourself a break and know that you’re human :). You are also loved more than you’ll ever know. ❤️

  3. Jodi says:

    Been feeling the same way. We all have those moments but taking a break is healthy to get sometime the creative juices flowing. Thats what I have been doing and now I am ready to get back in action! <3

  4. Alana says:

    The funks, ups and downs, ebbs and flows (call them what you will) are not only natural, but they make us better in the long run. You’re an amazing lady and whenever you are ready to post, we will all be ready to read and support! Xoxo

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