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Hallelujah it’s finally starting to warm up in Vegas!!! You know what that means….Frozen Custard from Luv-It’s! 

Though the weather does confuse the crap out of me sometimes so I never actually know when it will be hot and when it will be cold. Nights for sure…but during the day I just don’t know anymore. Last week was really warm and the other day I froze my tush off. But good news…This place I found when I was *ahem* 9 is so good that you will want to eat it even if it’s blizzarding outside.



For those of you that don’t know, I moved to Las Vegas when I was 9 from Southern California. Wasn’t happy about the move then, but so so thankful to be in this city now. You can imagine why… I was in 4th grade, had great friends, and got to travel to the beach with my family almost every weekend. The transition wasn’t easy and I’ll never forget the day I left. I remember what I was wearing too. Overalls with ladybug earrings. CAYoot!!! My new normal turned out to not be so bad. I’m blessed with a very, VERY close family so we stuck together and helped each other through this transition. We worked together as a team to enjoy our new life in Sin City.

I’m pretty sure our family (aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins) thought we were nuts for moving away.

I jumped right into 4th grade (very awkward) and had to make new friendships which was not easy in the beginning. Thank goodness for my “built in friendships” (my siblings) because we hung out all the time. Before school, after school and every weekend!!

Why am I telling you this?

I will never forget the first year of being in Las Vegas. My parents made sure we always got out of the house to explore this new city. I remember quite a lot from the first year of being here, but the place that always stands out to us is Luv-it Frozen Custard. This place is iconic.

When we discovered Luv-It’s way back when, our lives changed forever. That was way too dramatic… But, it was so good and we always seemed to keep going back for their custard.

If you live in Vegas, you know what I’m talking about….at least I hope you do 🙂

This place specializes in THE BEST sundaes and has been around since 1973.

Yes, 1973! What?! I got in touch with the owner who was nice enough to invite me for a behind the scenes peak of this iconic custard shop. A huge thank you to Cameron and the owners daughter for giving me a tour of the place and showing me what goes into making one of their famous sundaes.

I posted a lot of my time there on Snapchat for everyone to get a little glimpse into what I experienced. I’ll be doing more behind the scenes of iconic Las Vegas places so be sure to follow along…Username: gavish

A huge thank you to the owners daughter Brittany (4th generation owner) for making me a Scotch Jimmie Sundae (butterscotch, sliced bananas, and jimmies). Also, shoutout to Cameron for teaching me what goes into making the custard. This process takes a lot of patience…I was very surprised. The recipe for custard at Luv-It’s has not changed since the 70’s, but what has changed are some of the flavors. Each month they have new flavors so be sure to check out the February flavors. They typically make Chocolate and Vanilla each day and then two special flavors. They start the custard making process each time with Vanilla and then add the other flavors after the base has been made. Also, each sundae is made with their vanilla custard unless you specify that you would like another flavor.

If you are in love with the flavors like me, they package most of the custard (frozen solid) to go.

Netflix, a comfy couch and custard would be the way to do it, but just so you know… everyone typically eats the custard in the car after ordering from the window. In the summer you can find a huge line outside this place, but it will go very fast. They are all very efficient. Got to experience this first hand by behind behind the scenes.

Anyways, hope your mouths are salivating and your cars have been turned on to head downtown for some Luv-It Frozen Custard. You’ll be happy.

And when you’re there, tell them Olive B. sent you 🙂

Olive Brunette Heart

Olive B.

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