Little Secrets from a Las Vegas Musician


I can’t really say I was ever obsessed with a musician or called myself a groupie.

I did listen to John Mayer whenever I studied in college, though. I think he’s amazing and so so talented. Not to mention cute…Hello, John! College was a little bit ago and I can’t say I study for tests anymore…(thank goodness). But listen, if you’re still in school and feel like you’re about to loose your mind studying for another exam…hang in there! It will be over before you know it and I have a new artist for you to add to your music library next time you’re making flash cards or preparing to slay that test.

Camden WestLocal artist, Camden West completely changed my opinion about not being obsessed with a musician.

This singer/songwriter and guitarist is one talented artist and if you don’t know who he is, you need to run to google and do some research right now. I’m totally obsessed now after meeting with him and can’t stop listening to his music. I have added his entire album and EP to my iTunes Music Playlist and I’m definitely guilty of listening to his music everywhere I go. So catchy. Students, this is some great study music.

Camden has performed at many shows over the years as a solo artist and with his band, Camden West and the 10K.

I was so excited to meet with Camden and learn about how he got started in the industry.


Without further ado – Meet Camden West:

What inspired you to get started with music?

CW: Growing up, my dad would always blast music around the house which inspired me to be a musician. I always wanted to be a drummer, but started with the piano. My mom told me that I should learn how to play the guitar so that I can play music around a campfire. After playing every instrument I quickly realized that the guitar was my favorite.

How old were you when you started performing?

CW: When I was 10 I moved from Dallas to Las Vegas and started a band with my closest friends from school. There were 5 of us and I was the drummer of the group. We called the band Gunshow and became the go-to band for school functions, community events and benefits. Bat Mitzvahs were our thing! When I went to high school I studied classical guitar which exposed me to a wider world of music. I started writing seriously in HS and wrote my first song, “Next To You” which was my first recorded solo track.

CamdenWest Camden

Photo: Elizabeth Hunt

Where is your favorite place to perform?

CW: I have performed all over. I went to school at the University of Arizona and would perform there a lot which was fun because my friends would be in the crowd. The support from everyone was awesome. I have also performed in Atlanta, Nashville, Texas, Colorado, New York, Boston, California and all over Europe. I would say they are all very different because the crowds are never the same. Every performance is unique in its own way. If I had to pick a place I would say my hometown, Las Vegas. Downtown is awesome and has a really cool vibe.

Do you have a favorite song?

CW: I’d say my song called “Energy.” It is the one song I play at every show. There is a guitar part that really sticks out and I just enjoy performing it. The lyrics are a little different and I like to get everyone thinking. It’s about finding yourself in any situation or wherever you are in life. There will always be that light at the end of the tunnel.

Do you have a go-to spot where you write your music?

CW: I don’t know why, but I love to write on the floor in my room.

What inspires your music?

CW: There’s a whole list I can give you. But I would credit a lot of my inspiration from life experiences, current events, and random thoughts throughout the day.

There is a song I wrote about the Santa Barbara shooting that happened not too long ago. The song is called “Innocence in May” and it’s a different take on the incident. I felt like a lot of people were talking about one side of the situation and this song is about recognizing the signs that the shooters sometimes send us cries for help. We should listen more and find them help before tragedy occurs.

How long does it take you to write a song?

CW: It all depends on how inspired I am. Some songs take a week, some take months and some I still have from years ago. If I am really inspired by something I can write a song pretty quickly.

What do you think people would be really shocked to know about you?

I am actually really shy when I am not performing. When I am on stage I am a different person. I like to engage the crowd and jump around.

Where can people find your music?

CW: You can find my music on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and YouTube. You can also visit my website, for information on upcoming shows and events.

I love when people come to live shows because it is always a different experience than listening to the music in your car or phone.

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