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A tiny feature that everyone seems to notice.

I turned to google to find out the history of lashes and how they became such a popular feature. This is what I found:

Eyelash extensions date back to the 1800s. Basically the idea of lengthening eyelashes is not a new one. Although they never adhered a false lash to the natural lash, women were on the hunt to find methods that encouraged lash growth.


  • Using pomade and washing the eyelashes with a mixture of walnut leaves and water.
  • Cutting the ends of the eyelash to encourage longer growth.
  • In 1882, it was reported that women in Paris had started sewing hair into their eyelids to create fake lashes. Ouch.

This transitioned into a method, started in the UK by Karl Nessler, to wear artificial lashes and eyebrows. The patent for false lashes was later made by Canadian Anna Taylor in the United States around 1911.

What made eyelash extensions popular was when D.W. Griffith had actress Seena Owen wear long eyelashes in his movie Intolerance to have her eyes stand out.

|Reports via Sugar Lash Pro|

Once we hit the 21st Century, more advanced eyelash extensions became popular and the rest is history.

Pretty cool, right?

Lashes have become a very important and popular part of the fashion history that continues to evolve. Modern eyelash extensions are now lightweight, comfortable and completely painLESS. Can I get an amen?

I sat down with my sister and lash artist, Talia Gavish to get the inside scoop on eyelash extensions. Not only is she super knowledgeable in this subject, but she is extremely talented and driven. To say I am proud of her is an understatement.

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Without further ado, please meet lash artist Talia Gavish:

Talia Gavish Las Vegas Lash Artist The Olive BrunetteFor the people that don’t know you, introduce yourself.

Talia Gavish: I have recently graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a degree in Film and Television. After a few months off, I decided to become a certified lash artist here in Las Vegas, NV. Making women look and feel beautiful is the best. I got into lashes after getting mine done for a few occasions and loved how quick they made my morning routine.

What are eyelash extensions?

Talia Gavish: Eyelash extensions are used to enhance your natural lashes. The lashes I use are amazing quality. I make sure to buy them from certified, high end companies such as Bella Lash. My specialty is in individual lashes which are considered classics and I use a thicker lash so that they look fuller.

Does it hurt?

Talia Gavish: This is a question asked a lot. It is a painless process. There are a lot of girls that come in nervous, but I make sure everyone is as comfortable as possible. I always tell my girls that they are coming in to take a “Lash Nap” which is what I like to call it.

How long does it usually take?

Talia Gavish: For a full set, it takes me 2 hours. Once you’re in here and we get started it goes by quickly. I recommend that the girls bring in headphones if they are more comfortable listening to their own music, audio book or podcast.

When the girls arrive, what’s the process usually like?

Talia Gavish: I first get everyone as comfortable as possible. I’ll have music playing and I start by sanitizing all of my tools and products. I then begin taping down their bottom lash. This insures that the bottom lashes don’t stick to the top lashes. That is always the most nerve wracking part for people, but the tape does not go close to the eye and you get used to it immediately. A deep cleanser I use that I absolutely love is from Bella Lash with aloe vera, cucumber and green tea extract. It cleanses the lashes, removes makeup, oils, and adds Vitamin A, D, and E. Any oils will effect the longevity of the glue, so I always use saline to cleanse the natural lash before I begin.

Lash Extensions Las Vegas

Can you describe what is happening as the eyes are closed?

Talia Gavish: I’m isolating an individual natural lash, and then I bond an eyelash extension to one natural lash using a safe for the eyes glue. This ensures a seamless look that feels and looks like your natural lash. Extensions are NEVER applied to the skin. Only the lash. Your eyes are shut the whole time so no glue will ever get in your eye.

Can you get your lashes wet after?

Talia Gavish: It’s usually 24 hours before you can get your lashes wet. I wouldn’t recommend the sauna, steam room, or shower during that time because the glue is still drying and curing to your natural lash. After that, please, please, please wash your lashes and cleanse them properly. It’s a myth that girls shouldn’t get their lashes and eyes wet after the 24 hours. Properly washing them will help keep your natural lashes as healthy as possible. It’s natural to loose lashes, but that’s the point of coming back to get a fill.

When should girls get a fill?

Talia Gavish: I recommend every two weeks. It doesn’t mean your lashes will be gone in two weeks. Someone can go a month without coming in for a fill. The idea behind a fill is to maintain that fuller look because lashes naturally fall out. Fills are important because I take the time to clean your lashes and remove the ones that have grown out or turn because they are too long. I make sure that your natural lashes are still healthy and always add more. I also offer a touch-up. If you come back within 7 days, it’s $15 and I add as many lashes as my client want. It’s basically your grace period of fixing the lashes.

Las Vegas Lash Artist

What would you tell the girls that really want lash extensions, but are on edge about getting them?

Talia Gavish: Lashes are awesome because it saves me so much time during my morning routine. You don’t have to worry about mascara and can just focus on skin. You will wake up looking beautiful, come out of the shower looking beautiful, go to sleep looking beautiful…I love it.

Is there an age restriction?

Talia Gavish: Absolutely not. I think anyone can get lashes. If you’re under the age of 18, I definitely recommend asking your parents. Other than that, I can add lashes to anyone.

Lashes by Talia Gavish

Is it safe for your eyes?

Talia Gavish: Nothing about this is dangerous for your eyes. I am trained in a way that I take care of your lashes. If I see that the lashes aren’t working properly with your natural lash, I will be very open and honest with you. I always make sure that the girls will be taking care of their lashes at home and I make sure that I take care of them when they are with me.

How do I clean the lashes?

Talia Gavish: I recommend checking out a few videos on Youtube for this so that you can really get the full picture. It is so important to keep the lashes clean. I recommend baby shampoo because there are no oils and it’s safe for the eyes. In the shower, gently brush over them with your finger making sure you clean the lash line too.

The Olive Brunette Lets Talk About LashesCan I wear makeup?

Talia Gavish: Absolutely! Just don’t use any oil based products and stay away from the lashes.

For the girls unsure of what style they want, what do you recommend?

Talia Gavish: Look up a lot of pictures and feel free to bring in a picture of the look you like. I always recommend to figure out your eye shape and go from there. Everything is customizable.

What is the process like for getting them removed?

Talia Gavish: You can either wait for them to fall out or use oily products to remove them yourself. I recommend coming back to me to get them removed and cleansed properly.

What does a natural lash fall-out look like?

Talia Gavish: Natural lashes are lost every single day so the extensions are bound to fall out with them. You might wake up and find a few lashes have fallen out, but that’s natural/healthy and means your lashes are still growing.

How can people get in touch with you?

Talia Gavish: People can find me on my Instagram @lashesbytalig or my cell (702) 308-0008

I prefer taking  appointments over text or Direct Message and recommend making your appointment in advance.

I’d love to mention that I am doing a holiday special ending December 31. If you refer a friend, you and that friend get $10 off your next set. I look forward to doing your lashes 🙂 

Bella Lashes


There you have it friends. Can’t wait to see what your lashes look like. If you have any other questions you’d like to ask, feel free to leave them in the comments below and we will get back to you.


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