It’s a Baguette Show Down


What’s a girl gotta do to get some good coffee and yummy Baguette?

Two summers ago I traveled to Paris…for a day. I took the Eurostar which we hopped on from London. The Eurostar is an underground train that travels along the English side of the tunnel. It is a really easy method of transportation and does not take long to get from London to Paris. If you are in London and thinking about going to Paris for a day, do it!

I have heard about Paris since I was a little girl (Cheesy…blah blah). I saw the Eiffel Tower in movies, books, shows, etc. I really wanted to visit, and I am so happy I did. I’m not going to lie, though… I was really happy to only be there for a day. The places we went to were way too touristy and I felt like the locals were just annoyed by everyone. Understandable, but it was a huge turn-off.

Baguette Cafe

Maybe it’s a sign that I need to take another trip to France and explore like a local. I wouldn’t mind that.

I always think about this one baguette I ordered in the middle of the day in Paris. Out of everything, I go back to the food. It was a baguette with cheese and tomatoes. MMMmmm. Obviously, there are plenty of places to order a baguette around town, but it’s just not the same.

About a year ago when I was working for my dad’s real estate company, I took a lunch break with a few co-workers at a place called Baguette Cafe.

I’d say this place is a hidden gem in the Southwest side of town right off the 215 and Durango. It is a French Bistro that serves baguettes just like the one I had in Paris. WoooHOO!

I’m doing my happy dance.

The owner, Oliver, welcomes you like an old friend and always makes sure his customers are happy.

The restaurant always smells like fresh bread and croissants with a hint of coffee. Great combo. I always order a coffee from here and a pastry. My diet doesn’t exist on the days that I visit this place.

Last time I was there I ordered their Pear Tart. I don’t even like tarts, but the owner told me it’s his favorite soooo naturally I had to try it. I think it’s my favorite now too.

The coffee selections are amazing.

You can order anything from a long black to a white chocolate latte. They have quiches, sandwiches, vegan/vegetarian options and a nice selection of tarts and cakes. You order at the counter and the food is delivered to your table. The portions might look small, but don’t be fooled. I can never finish my food there and I can eat!! Baguette Cafe is only open for breakfast and lunch, so don’t come for dinner expecting to order. Oliver will most likely be at home (perfecting some new creation to add to his menu).

I’ve decided where I’m getting lunch now. I’ll have the Chipotle Sandwich (with eggplant instead of turkey) and a large iced green tea. Care to join?

See you soon, Oliver!

Olive B.



SandwichPie Tart

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