Iconic Las Vegas Sign


Yesterday I went to visit this Las Vegas sign for some pictures. It’s huge and doesn’t just say Las Vegas. It’s really Las Vegas Harley Davidson, but so what!


It is right across the street from the iconic Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas Sign on Las Vegas Blvd.

The Welcome to Las Vegas sign had a line so long that I could finish a three course meal and still be in the same spot… Some of these people are oblivious to the 100 people standing in line waiting for a turn. No thanks.

Obviously if you’re coming from out of town and want to see this sign/take a photograph, go for it! But just know, it will feel like a line at Disneyland minus the ride at the end.


Head over to the Harley Davidson store across the street and take a picture in front of LAS VEGAS for cute pictures.


Not sure what is going on with the weather these days, but at night I have been freezing and during the day I need to chuck my hair up in a bun or throw a hat on because it is so damn windy. Please, someone tell me what is going on.


I threw on this really comfy outfit and green hat that I just got from BCBG. I wore this white sweater I got ages ago from Forever 21 with some tapered black pants (love them) and a black tank.

The white sweater is that one piece in my closet that I can’t get rid of because it goes with everything and feels like a blanket.

I’ve worn it with dresses, skirts, jeans, leggings…you name it. I’m wearing it now as I write this post. These shoes have also been my absolute favorite and I have to force myself now to wear a different shoe other than these all the time. They are from Steve Madden and resemble the Gucci pair we all know and love.





With that being said, the Las Vegas sign is calling your name. Head over there on a NON-windy day and wear your cutest outfit for some dope photos.



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