How To: Host A Perfect Picnic


It’s cutesy. It’s whimsical. It’s fun. It’s girly. It’s relaxing. It’s THE GREATEST way to unwind with a group of your best girlfriends.

Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs in North Las Vegas is a hidden gem.



This place might seem out of the ordinary for Vegas, but this park has been around for thousands of years and has maintained its popularity amongst many locals. I remember coming here when I first moved to Las Vegas, because its one of the few places here that you will find water. Sad, but true. Don’t get me wrong…we definitely have some lakes and ponds that do the trick too. I always say that if Vegas had a beach, it would be the most perfect place in the world. 

A few weeks ago I reached out to my girlfriends and asked if they would be open to having a picnic at a park. Not just any picnic though…it had to be buffet style. Because → Vegas. Everyone brought something different to the picnic and it made for the most perfect afternoon. The afternoon was unique and beautiful just like all of my girlfriends. So cheesy … I love it.

Menu: (Let’s start with dessert first)

›Homemade Chocolate Chip & Snickerdoodle Cookies

›Unicorn/Rainbow Cupcakes

›Fruit Salad

›Israeli Salad

›Egg Salad 


›Cheese and Crackers


We had all the food groups…

I wanted everything to be perfect for the day so I started planning weeks in advance.


SO NOT NECESSARY if you ask me. A few days before would be fine. I went a little cray cray with the decor and arrangements. Pinterest was my BFF for this one which gave me the idea to find the prettiest “picnic blankets” & baskets. You can find similar ones here and here. The picnic blankets were more like throw blankets and rugs, but I loved the pattern and it was really comfortable to sit on. I would recommend using any blankets, bedsheets or even towels that you already own.

Francesca’s had the prettiest blue and white ruffled maxi dress that I thought was perfect for this occasion. I’ll be getting a lot of use out of it. You can find it here

For those of you that have picnicked before, you know how important it is to pick the perfect spot.

Picnic Table Picnic

TreesinParkhat ParkPicnic

We walked around for the longest time because I wanted the most picturesque location under a tree. It was so hot out this day so a nice big tree was necessary.

The seasons have jumped straight from Winter to Summer in a matter of days…No spring for us in the desert.

This 2,040-acre park really has it all. It is $6 per vehicle and an annual pass can be purchased for $45. This gives you access to everything in the park and you will see horses, geese, peacocks, ducks and fish. There are paths to walk & bike, benches to enjoy the scenery, picnic tables, barbecues, volleyball courts, and horseshoe facilities. If interested in going, the park is open every day in the summer from 8:00am-8:00 pm.  

Let me know what kind of picnics you like to throw. I’d love ideas for my next picnic party in another Las Vegas park.

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