Honey Vanilla Latté


Can Urth Cafe move to Vegas please?

Happy Monday! I am back with ANOTHER food post…. Big surprise there.



Believe me I would love to do something different (& I will), but you have to admit that everything we do these days revolves around food. I’m not complaining.

I made a quick trip this weekend to L.A. (for a few reasons – I will mention later) and I will admit that the first thing that came to my mind is Urth Café. I just love this place and request going here almost every time I come from Vegas. The food is fresh, the drinks are amazing, and the atmosphere is great. Not to mention, it is right on Melrose so it’s perfect for some people watching. I try to get something different every time I go so this time I ordered something called the Eggs Salmone. It consisted of a piece of toasted ancient grain sprout bread (that’s literally what they call it), lemon mascarpone, natural smoked salmon and wild arugula, topped with a poached egg, salsa and dill. Yes, I ate the whole thing!

I also ordered the Honey Vanilla Latté and OMG I want another one.

It was not too sweet, which I like, and I was able to request a mild espresso. Anything different and I would have to take quite the run around Rodeo Drive.  I probably should have done that anyways.

Did I mention I am doing the Tough Mudder in less than a month? Yikes!

If you’ve been to Urth Café, I’d love to know what you order. It will give me a few ideas for next time.


Olive B.





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