Girly Girls Guide To Gifting

Girly Gift Guide

Girly Guide to Gift Giving

The holidays are here and it is no surprise that the shops are packed and our wallets are getting a little lighter.

Everyone is looking for a way to stay on budget but still get that fun shopping spree in during the holidays. I have linked my favorite items to buy this holiday season that won’t break the bank. And thanks to the world wide web there is no excuse to not catch the great deals that are heading our way.

Warm & Fuzzy | Girly, Cozy Gifts 

Some of the best gifts I have received have been pajamas, socks, slippers, sweats, and sweaters. You can’t really go wrong with anything cozy for the holiday season. I mean, a lot of us lounge around while sipping hot chocolate and watch Christmas Hallmark movies. Is that just me…?

Side note: How did this year go by so fast?

This is a great time of year to not only buy a girly gift for yourself but to stock up on gifts for your loved ones. There is something for everyone and I really don’t think you’ll be too disappointed with the selection this year.

I’m sharing my personal favorites, but if you’re not into any of these maybe it will give you some ideas for another gift. 

If you are looking for one of the coziest sweaters I recommend checking out this inexpensive teddy bear coat. Perfect for a gift because it is oversized so you won’t have to worry about gifting the wrong sized item. You know what I mean? It is the absolute worst when you receive a gift that doesn’t fit. This open front fleece coat is so perfect to throw on over a white shirt, jeans, and booties for a night out. Makes your outfit cute without having to fuss. Plus, if you’re in love with that millennial pink like I am, this is a perfectly girly gift. I have it in white, but ordering this millennial pink one ASAP!

There are so many other options for warm coats – For a non-fuzzy, but super warm inexpensive coat, check out Amazon’s Wantdo Women’s puffer jacket. You can’t beat the price for this one. Coats can be so expensive!

I buy clothes from Amazon quite often because you can’t beat the price. Not to mention the fact that you don’t need to leave your living room and returns are SO easy.


There have been a lot of books and podcasts recently that are falling into my lap and I find that it is no coincidence. I stumbled upon The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein a few months ago and have read it twice now. I recommend it to all of my friends and suggest that everyone either gets their hands on the book or audible version. It is so important to align with the universe, pray for the highest good for all, and transform fear into faith (something we all deal with). But what does all this actually mean? This holiday season, get your hands on a book on spirituality or manifestation. Trust me you will be so happy with it because they make you feel GOOD.

My personal favorites:

Best boots for the Winter

I have been loving Franco Sarto recently and just realized I have three boots by him. They are so comfy and literally go with every outfit of mine. So far, I have been forcing myself to wear other shoes in my closet because I do not want to wear them out. Trying to savor every second with them, but man I love them so much.

These ones are my newest addition to the group. I purchased them in white, but kind of want these in brown now. The minute they arrived I switched into them to go out to dinner and got so many compliments. Well worth the price and I am telling you, they work with every outfit. Leggings, jeans, dresses, skirts… you name it! Get them quick while they are on sale! 


Another boot I am loving this fall/winter has been the timberland amston bootie that are so comfortable and go with everything. In fact, I just wore them on my trip to Chicago and they saved me! The timbs kept my toes warm and the bottom has an anti-slip grip that was perfect for the snow. Mine are a little dirty and I keep asking everyone how to clean them – If you know, please help a sister out. Thinking of taking them to a shoe cobbler, but I don’t know. The struggle.

Other fun items included above are notebooks, candles, backpacks, and jewelry. To be honest, you can’t go wrong with gifts this holiday season. There is something for everyone.

Happy Shopping ♥

Girly Gift Guide



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