Instagram Hot Spots Downtown

Instagram spots have been a new craze and I want to share with you one of my favorite places to take pictures.


Downtown Las Vegas has been going through massive renovations with container park, Freemont street renovations, new bars, restaurants…you name it. Everyone’s talking about it, everyone’s visiting and you should too 🙂

With all of the new renovations going on, I must say I love that they have kept the classic Vegas feel with the old motels. These places are iconic for Las Vegas so it’s only fair that they leave them for tourists to see. I believe you can still stay in a few, but for the most part these motels are around for pictures, art and even the backdrop for Life is Beautiful – Happening THIS weekend!!

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Back to instagram… everyone is all about that perfect aesthetic these days. We are worried about the colors, the theme, our backgrounds… blah blah. It can definitely be annoying at time, but we are all doing it. **Side eye**So, to help your aesthetic… I’d like to introduce you to a very instagramable hot spot in Las Vegas → Motels

It’s not hard to track down. Just head over to the run down areas of downtown and you’ll find it. I recommend going with a friend…or two and be aware of your surroundings. Take the pictures and bounce.

What you’ll find: cool art & pink walls. What more do you need, really?

Let me know what you find and share your pictures with the hashtag, #downtownlasvegas

♥ Olive B.


Talia Gavish-Downtown



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