Donut Worry

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Donut Worry

You haven’t had a donut until you have had one from the Donut Bar.

Have you ever tasted an award winning donut? Famous actually…featured on the Ellen Show, Conan, Food Network, Thrillist, On Air with Ryan Seacrest and USA Today.

Talk about being star struck…and yes, I am still talking about donuts.

I have to preface this by saying this is coming from someone who is not the biggest fan of donuts. I mean, I love how they look and they make for great Instagram pictures (just throwing that out there), but these ones were holy wow wow! Yummy in my tummy. Let’s not talk about how many I bought…. I was thinking I would take a bite here and there and then be done. Uh wrong… so wrong.

Donut Shop Las Vegas

Donut Bar

Be prepared because you cannot walk into this place and expect to buy just one donut. They all look ridiculously good. Even the vegan donuts looked amazing…

Everyone that worked there was so sweet. Sometimes I feel the pressure whenever ordering (anyone else get like this?), but the lady that helped was so patient and made the experience of picking a donut to be really fun. She new there were a ton to choose from so she started asking what flavors I liked and if I was willing to be adventurous and try something different. Love that! Let’s be real…picking a donut (any dessert) should be a lot of fun. Right? There should NEVER be any pressure when it comes to dessert.




Make sure to come early in the day because when these things sell out, the Donut Bar closes. There is parking across the street or right outside so don’t worry about not finding a spot (especially during the day). There are a handful of stools inside to sit and eat, but guests can also enjoy their donuts in their cute little courtyard out back.

Donut Bar’s recipe for their award winning Maple Bacon Donut!!

  1. Fresh Yeast donut bar
  2. Real Vermont Maple Syrup
  3. Center cut premium bacon
  4. Candy that bacon in nitrogen infused coffee, brown sugar, and Vermont Maple Syrup!

Best part: if you don’t live in Vegas (which you totally should), they have a Donut Bar in San Diego as well. So no excuses people. Go get your oversized donuts and make it a great day.

funky-pink-heart, Olive B.

Located: 124 S 6th St #140, Las Vegas, NV 89101

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