How to Create the Perfect Painting


Believe me, I would love to say that I am a professional artist…but the reality is that I’m not! However, I have been going to Pinot’s Palette and I LOVE the way my paintings turn out.


I feel like a true artist every time I leave. Not kidding. I leave feeling proud and ready to hang my painting in my house. *Pats self on back

What started in Houston, Texas has now reached studios internationally with over one million paintings from customers. There are a ton of paintings on the walls from over the years that customers have come in to paint. They are all so unique and beautiful. It is really fun to look at as you enter the studio.

Each session is very different. First of all, every time you come in, there will be a fresh easel ready for you to create a perfect masterpiece. An artist walks you through the steps of the painting so that your painting turns out very similar to the original piece that an artist has created. I love seeing the process unfold and watching everyone (slightly) freak out trying to make straight lines and perfect circles. In the end, everyone has the same painting, but they are all so unique. It’s great.

The other week I asked a group of my girlfriends to join me at one of the studios in Las Vegas.

We had such a great time together sipping on wine and pretending to be artists. Our pictures turned out amazing (not kidding)! The artist that walked us through the steps was hilarious and made everyone feel so comfortable. She was patient with every person there and gave a helping hand to anyone that needed assistance. Don’t feel like you’ll be the one person that can’t paint because YOU TOTALLY CAN! Looks intimidating in the beginning, but it’s fun and super simple. Unless you like a challenge… I’m sure they can throw in some crazy technique for you.

There are three locations in Vegas – Boca Park, The District and their newest location, Town Square!

For those Vegas locals, you know that Town Square is a total hot spot in Vegas. This new studio will be a hit here. It is located right below the theater and across from Yard House. Easy to find and a great location next to your nearest parking lot.

This weekend, Pinot’s palette is partnering with St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital for the grand opening and they want YOU to join. All painting proceeds will be donated to St. Jude’s. Stop by to “Paint it Forward” either Friday night at 7 p.m. or Saturday for only $39. This Grand Opening event will be a lot of fun so be sure to check it out. Even if you aren’t interested in painting, stop by their newest location in Town Square to get ideas for your next girls night out.

Register online here for your two-hour “Pinot in Paradise” class Friday night or here for Saturdays “Wild Wine Night” event.

I had so much fun and really cannot wait to go back. If you’ve followed me on Snapchat lately you know I am completely addicted to going. Have you been to a studio near you?

funky-pink-heart, Olive B.

**Huge shoutout to Pinot’s Palette for sponsoring this post.












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