Confessions of An Outfit Repeater


I have definitely been living in this outfit for a few weeks now.

I had a dream people were yelling at me, “OUTFIT REPEATER….” in a mall somewhere.

The Outfit Repeater Sivan

Oh well. I love it and that is all that matters. I have had these jeans since the beginning of college and I just can’t get rid of them. Everyone makes fun of the holes and my favorite question from family and friends: “Did you pay extra for the holes?” YES I DID, DAMNIT!

These shoes are Sam Edelmen and they are so ridiculously comfy and not mine.

Yeah, they are actually my sisters. We live together so that’s word for share everything. 🙂 Growing up she would always borrow my clothes, but now I find myself borrowing her clothes all the time. Thanks, Talia.

Speaking of siblings… I went out on a brother/sister date with one of my brothers the other day. We always have the best time together. It’s safe to say I got really lucky with all of my siblings. I’m thinking I want to do another post on them later this week.


My brother and I went to the Sports Park on Sunset for their batting cages and tour around the facility. This place is super cool. I didn’t know this place existed until recently.

It is right across from Town Square on Las Vegas Blvd and Sunset. It’s not hard to miss. There is a giant sign and huge parking lot. The place is always so desolate, but I think that makes it kind of cool. The sports park is huge so I’m really happy I wore Talia’s Sam Edelmen sandals because they are so comfy to walk around in.



Not only are there batting cages, but they have an awesome race track, basketball court and a wrestling gym.


I’ve also been living in this grey Free People shirt because it is so soft and goes with everything. Really.

After the sports park, my brother and I headed across the street to Town Square to grab some lunch at Kabuki and sit on the grassy field in the middle of the mall.

He’s single ladies. 



Talia – I may or may not still have your shoes in my closet 🙂



Happy Monday!

funky-pink-heart, Sivan


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