Up Close and Personal With Pro Makeup Artist, Blair Patterson


This week I had the pleasure of getting my makeup done by Estée Lauders Global Pro Makeup Artist, Blair Patterson.


This guy is a master when it comes to makeup and can tell you the ins and outs of this brands products, how to achieve perfect skin, finding what you love, and mastering makeup for all skin types.

This event was held by Saks Fifth Avenue and Estée Lauder to celebrate the 7th Annual Harper’s Bazaar Fabulous at Every Age contest. To enter, all you need to do is post a photo using the hashtag #FabAtEveryAgeContest and the age of the person in the photo. You can take a picture of yourself or nominate someone to enter for a win. You can enter here or on Instagram for your chance to win.

I have already entered the contest and you should too!

My skin looked flawless and the products Blair used were so amazing. I learned so much from him and I can’t wait to share with all of you.

Get ready because this one’s good!

Let’s be real… I am excited for every blog post of mine, but when I found out I am getting my makeup done by Blair Patterson I was SO excited. Now, I am not huge on makeup. I definitely have my favorite products and am guilty of watching “Get Ready With Me” videos on youtube. My makeup has always stayed the same and I love the natural look on me. Right off the bat I told Blair that I do not like NOT feeling like myself. Getting my makeup done in the past has been horrendous because I feel so different after and everyone is staring at the products on my face instead of me. Capice? 

 Well, enough about me…Blair, take it away please. ♥


What does your title mean exactly?
BP: It’s a job of many hats. Anything that has to do with artistry and application of makeup is under me. I work directly with the education team, product development, special events, photoshoots and ad campaigns.

What’s your favorite campaign that you have worked on?
BP: The Envy campaign that I worked on 3 years ago. It is fun to watch the campaigns unfold. Seeing it launch is awesome. I’ll be walking through the airport and recognize an ad that I’ve done which makes it really fun.

For someone getting into makeup and this industry, what tips do you have for them?
BP: Makeup artists are usually defined by skin, so if you can perfect skin you will get hired a lot more. It’s the hardest to make look real and it is 80% of the makeup. My mentor only ever let me do skin for two years. That’s when I learned that if I can do good skin, I’ll always have a job.

What do you recommend for girls that have really red cheeks?
BP: Color Correctors. They sound really scary, but they are so good. You’re not just covering the problem area, but more so neutralizing it with an opposite color so you don’t have to wear as much. If you are really red, color correct with green. Any darkness under the eyes, use red, peach, or orange.

What’s best for the dewy look?
BP: Don’t rub powder all over the face. Instead, press it and only use it where you tend to get the most oily. You don’t want to use it everywhere. I always avoid the top of the cheekbones. Key points would be around the nose, temple and around the forehead.

I love the contour look. Can you walk me through the steps of a perfect contour?
BP: I’m using a dark color from your ear to the side of your mouth. Brushing forward and just lifting up the cheek so the darker part of the deposit is in the back and lighter in the front. Always do a forward motion with a fluffy brush so it’s not a hard line. You don’t want to look like you’re on broadway.

Any skin tips?
BP: A good routine will go a long way. If you’re really bad at remembering to moisturize, keep them by your bed and just throw it on right before you sleep. It’s better than not doing anything.

Do you have a favorite eyeshadow look?
BP: I think smokey eye, but a rock n roll smokey eye. Do the perfect smokey eye and then smudge it and screw it up. I think really pretty makeup is lived in.

How did you get working with this brand?
BP: They called me when I was 22 for a job as a national makeup artist for North America which I took because I really wanted to travel. It just kept growing from there. The jobs kept getting bigger and I stuck with it. It has been 14 years now and I love the brand.

Any last minute tips?
BP: If you wiggle your feet as someone is applying your makeup, you won’t move as much.









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