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Monta Ramen on Spring Mountain

Do you want some really good noodles?

Backstory: My friend has been talking about this place since she moved to Las Vegas. She has been raving about this bowl of noodles and I had no idea why. I finally got around to trying the place and WOW! Amazing.

Monta Ramen on Spring Mountain Road

It’s called Monta Ramen and it is a Japanese Noodle House. The place is really charming. Pretty small, but has a great atmosphere. Apparently they always have a line out the door so prepare yourselves and don’t come starving expecting to eat right away. They serve a “Kurume” style broth which means it is made with pork bones and a unique soy sauce imported from Japan (Sorry to my non-meat eating or Kosher friends out there). Kurume ramen has great impact on the ramen culture throughout Japan, according to their website.

Yum Yum Yum – Give this place a try and you will not be dissapointed.

They have two locations. I went to the one located on Spring Mountain Road, but they have another location on Eastern. Note on parking: the parking lot is packed, but be patient because people are coming in and out all the time. If it looks like there are no spots, there is a lot across the street with extra parking. I always get a little panicky when I can’t find a spot. Overall, very worth it so check it out if you’re in the mood for a bowl of creamy ramen noodles.

I am thinking about finding all of the best noodle spots in town. Thoughts? Suggestions? Who doesn’t love noodles?

funky-pink-heart, Olive B.

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