7 Reasons Why You Should Visit the New Taco Bell Cantina

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I’ll give you seven reasons why you should visit this new Taco Bell Cantina, but is it really that spectacular?

Meh. Listen, if you’re on the strip or close by I would say check it out. If not, i’d say don’t stress about it and head over to the closest Taco Bell for that Crunchwrap Supreme and order merchandise (if that’s what you’re looking for) on Amazon. Oh, and the alcohol. We can’t forget that. Your local grocery store will do the trick for you. If you want to get festive and feel like you’re experiencing the “newness” of the Cantina, then throw some of that vodka in your Baja Blast freeze and call it a day. You’re welcome.


Is the hype for this Las Vegas Cantina really necessary?

After visiting this flagship restaurant, I wanted to brush up on my taco bell history to see how the heck a fast food chain has become big enough to make a debut in the Huffington post and Wall Street Journal. Not to mention, this fast food chain is now being considered gourmet. Uhm…what?

Now for some Taco Bell History:

Mister Glen Bell decided to open his own stand called Taco-Tia in 1952 after seeing huge success for a Mexican restaurant called Mitla Café which attracted very loyal customers for its hard-shelled tacos. Lots of business deals and name changes later, Bell decided to open the first Taco Bell in 1962. By the year 1967, Bell already had 100 Taco Bells under his belt. That’s a lot of Tacos. A few years later, Taco Bell went public with 325 restaurants. This really big company known as Pepsi (ha!) decided to purchase Taco Bell and later began co-branding with KFC, Long John Silver’s and Pizza Hut. Genius, eh? Like we always say…”why didn’t I think of that?”

Ok, I think that’s enough of a history lesson for now.

Back to the 7 reasons that brought you to this post:

  1. Merchandise

Think Rainforest Café. You walk in and see all the cool things to buy and then you’re seated, or in this case, ordering. Here you can purchase “exclusive” Taco Bell t-shirts, rings, hats, keychains and even bathing suits.

  1. Shared Appetizers

My momma always told me sharing is caring. This part of the menu has items that you wouldn’t see at other Taco Bell locations. Chicken tenders, mini quesadillas, jalapeño dippers and chili cheese potatoes.

  1. Alcohol

Behind the register is a wall of eight twisted freeze flavors to choose from. Each one is customizable meaning you can either add vodka, tequila or rum to give your Taco Bell experience a little extra oomph. But if you’re not feeling that sugary hang over, they also sell beer and non-alcoholic beverages.

  1. Open 24 Hours

Perfect for those late night cravings and after a night of partying. Guests can enjoy all-night-long.

  1. Open Kitchen

So that’s how the Crunchwrap is made!

  1. Reduced Wait Times

Are you an impatient guest? They now have 16 portable ordering tablets that line the interior wall to reduce the wait time for you. Super cool if you ask me.

  1. Two-stories tall

If this doesn’t explain the ‘not so typical taco bell drive through’ experience, I don’t know what will. There is seating upstairs in a VIP lounge area that overlooks the first floor and kitchen, as well as an outdoor patio with comfy seating and views of the strip.

There you have it. I’ll just end by saying thank you to mister Glen Bell. If it were not for you, I wouldn’t have had the experience of purchasing my overly priced hard-shelled taco and sugary hangover.

funky-pink-heart, Olive B.

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