Staying Cool in Vegas

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The heat in Vegas is unreal.

You don’t really sweat because its not humid here. AKA, welcome to the desert.


The heat just smacks you in the face. You walk outside and it’s like you’ve opened your 350 degree oven. I’ll tell you the truth…when it’s winter here I cannot wait for the summer and when it’s summer, I count down the days until winter. Sad, but true.

Since it is so hot…working out can be a bare and really makes me want to stay in the air conditioning as long as possible. I’m not saying I workout outside, but I need to walk outside to get to into my car and then out of my car into the gym. Nightmare. You see my struggle?

Also, no off days for me. I really need to be working out for my own sanity. I just feel better after a workout. Especially after a week in the gym…. I just feel motivated, alive, and ready to conquer the world.

Recently I have had ZERO motivation to workout and I think the heat has something to do with it.

This weeks forecast:

Las Vegas Weather Forecast

The whole “you get used to it” saying is nonsense. 

I’ve been here for 16 years and I still walk outside saying holy ****

I have to push myself to get moving because it really does decrease my stress and anxiety.

The motivation kicks in after a few minutes of working out and it’s all good. Mixing up my workouts is also really important to me especially on the days where I don’t feel like working out.

If I’m going to get to the gym and sweat, I either go really early in the morning or when the sun sets. I just can’t bother stepping out of the gym and into the sun after a workout.

Staying Cool In Las Vegas

Here are my top tips for staying cool while working out in this Vegas heat:

1.Make use of the hotels on the strip

Walk around the casino because they always stay super cool and it is the biggest distraction while tracking those steps.

2. Stay Hydrated

Since Vegas is a desert, it is so important to stay hydrated. They say to consume 17-20 ounces of water two hours before a workout. I just keep my giant hydro flask handy and refill it multiple times a day.

3. Timing is everything

Don’t workout in the middle of the day when the temperature has reached its peak. If you’re all about those outdoor workouts, stick to shaded areas. If you can, make the switch to early mornings or evenings when the sun has set. Even better, head inside workout with air conditioning.

4. Listen to your body

If you feel like you are overheating, don’t over do it. Listen to your body if you start to get dizzy or nauseous. I’ve experienced heat exhaustion myself and it is not fun. Since we are in the triple digits, we are already at risk. Be smart.

5. Indoor Pools

I always overlook the indoor pools at the gym, but WHY?! They are there for a reason. Stay cool by getting in the water and doing a few laps.

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I’m definitely no expert, but this is what has worked for me. What are your tips for staying cool this summer?

Happy Monday!

♥,  Sivan

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