What Pizza ROCKS in Las Vegas?


Pizza Rock is the place to be

I posted a while back on my Facebook asking for recommendations about the best gluten free pizza places. Like i’ve mentioned in posts before, my family keeps a gluten free lifestyle and are always searching for the best gluten free spots in town.


If you’re gluten free and struggle with places to eat, let me help.

It’s getting close to dinner time and you’re hungry. BUTTT you keep a gluten free diet and you’re craving pizza. Sure, you can go to the store and pick up some frozen GF pizzas (YUCK)…

OR, you can head over to Pizza Rock and try some amazing (not exaggerating…AMAZING), gluten free pizza.

If you do not live in Las Vegas, I highly recommend going on Facebook and asking for recommendations in your city-That’s how I was told about Pizza Rock. Very helpful. {Thank you Facebook friends for the recommendation}

Diana from Travel Far Gluten Free and I decided to team up and head over to Pizza Rock in Downtown Las Vegas to get the ultimate behind the scenes experience.

We met up with chef Andrew and the Vice President of Pizza Rock, Bill Ginsburg. They were both so welcoming and excited to show us around the kitchen. Diana and I both got to make one of their gluten free pizzas with chef Andrew and asked him a million and one questions about gluten free pizza.

You can find our interview with Chef Andrew on Diana’s Youtube page, Travel Far Gluten Free. 😉

I know that it can be a big concern for those who are gluten free to eat in a non-gluten free environment – Especially a pizza place!! After spending some time in the kitchen and preparing my very own gluten free pizza, I can assure you that they make sure everything is free of wheat/gluten and cook your pizza in a separate oven. 500 degree, electric brick oven to be exact.


Pizza Crust - Olive Brunette

* The kitchen is not separate and the pizzas are made in an environment that contains flour.

Going into this I thought I would just be watching the chef make pizza, so huge shoutout to Andrew for allowing us to make one with him. He walked us through each step which resulted in the most AMAZING gluten free vegetarian pizza.

The Olive Brunette Las VegasINGREDIENTS: 

⋅Vine-Ripened Tomato Sauce


⋅Roasted Red Pepper

⋅Kalamata Olives

⋅Goat Cheese

⋅Fresh Basil

Not only do they have a dine-in option, but if you’re in a rush you can order pizza by the slice at their counter located in the front of the restaurant. Also, If you need a break after a long night of partying downtown, Pizza Rock is open until 2am on Friday/Saturday & midnight Monday – Thursday and Sunday.

On the weekend you can listen to the DJ play music through their giant truck parked right inside the restaurant.

They have made their menu so easy to read with all GF, Vegetarian and even Award Winning options labeled.

You can find Pizza Rock located on 3rd and Ogden close to the Mob Museum. They also have a location in Green Valley if you live in the Henderson area → 2300 Paseo Verde Pkwy, Henderson, NV 89052

Pizza Rock Downtown Las Vegas

∗All thoughts and opinions are my own. I would never suggest a place I did not think was good. Let me know what you think in the comments below and if you would give their gluten free pizza a try.




Taste Testing Olive Brunette

Gluten Free Oven





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Chef Andrew At Pizza Rock

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