NHL’s Golden Knights

Golden Knights at TMobile Arena

Woah. We have a hockey team ladies and gentleman.

The Las Vegas Golden Knights.

I can’t believe it.

Vegas Golden Knights

Well, I can because I have been to a few games..but still! I can’t believe it. Us local Las Vegans have been waiting FOREVER for a sports team and by golly we got one! A good one, too.

AHHHHH. Have you heard of them? Been to a game? If not, you must go. It’s an experience. Vegas wouldn’t do it any other way.

Even if you’re not that into hockey, I recommend going just to enjoy the atmosphere, the fans, the food, the arena, etc.

If you’re not from Las Vegas, you probably have no idea why I am so stoked about this subject. Sports, cool. Woopdie dooo.

Las Vegas has NEVER been a sports town. Never. We have the Running Rebels (UNLV team) and the 51’s (minor league baseball team). Both fun to watch, but not at the same level as a freakin NHL game. I mean…

The city of Las Vegas has grown… a lot. We are now the second-largest metropolitan area in the country with a professional sports team. What, what?!

Thanks to Bill Foley (the man who made this possible), we have amazing games to look forward to and the coolest merchandise to strut the streets of Las Vegas with. Without Mr. Foley, we would not be talking right now and Las Vegans would still be at a 51’s game.

**Foley started selling season tickets BEFORE we had an expansion team. Bad-ass businessman, eh?!?! I like it.

Vegas Golden Knights-Las Vegas

The Vegas Golden Knights are one of the best teams in the NHL.

This is unheard of for an expansion team. I didn’t know this, but expansion teams typically need several years to develop. Ha. We are kicking ass.

We have to give a lot of credit to this amazing team because they came in at the best & worst time.

The shooting on October 1 affected the city as you can imagine. We were quiet. Sad. To be expected.

NHL’s Las Vegas Golden Knights have been a rallying point for this city. We have been uplifted and rebuilt. Our city is stronger than ever and definitely a force to be reckoned with. ♥


This is just the beginning. What do you think? 🙂

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!!


Olive B.


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