Las Vegas Fireworks

Las Vegas Fireworks

It’s about 11pm right now as I’m writing this post. #procrastinator

Las Vegas Fireworks

Wasn’t sure what to write about, but it hit me as I was watching the fireworks from my balcony.

First of all…4th of July felt really different this year.

It could be because of a few different reasons:

a. My family didn’t throw a party with red, white and blue everything.

b. I wasn’t wearing any obnoxious flag print – rather I was wearing an oversized Grateful Dead shirt, if you must know.

c. I didn’t have a hot dog and a beer.

I’m usually super festive and love to get into the holiday spirit. Idk, this year was just different… I didn’t get into it. Independence Day was all about family today and celebrating the country we live in. Appreciating what we have and what we have to look forward to.

I am blessed to be living in this country AND EVEN MORE blessed to call this city of Las Vegas my home.

As I was looking around at all of the fireworks, (get ready for super duper sappy Sivan) I felt like a little girl. The fireworks surrounded the city and I could see a show everywhere. I mean…EVERYWHERE! It wasn’t just in one spot or one direction. So cool! Sin City goes ALL OUT >>

Fun Fact: Travelocity (the online booking travel site) has put Las Vegas in the top five of the country’s top 4th of July fireworks experiences. 

4th of July Fireworks Show

If you’re feeling like you didn’t get a great viewing experience for fireworks this year, make sure to check out these spots for next years show…

→ The top of Lone Mountain

→ Red Rock Casino

→Las Vegas Strip

→Red Rock

→Motor Speedway

→Lake Las Vegas

I’m not kidding when I say, I still hear fireworks going off. This city never sleeps. 

Where did you watch the fireworks from? I’d love to know! Also, did you catch J Lo’s 4th of July show?

Happy Wednesday!!

♥ Sivan


  1. Joleisa says:

    Isn’t it wonderful that we get to celebrate our freedom? We mustn’t take it for granted you know! Many cant even celebrate! I’m scared of fireworks though, so I stay as far away from them as possible! Maybe one day …

    • The Olive Brunette says:

      The noise does scare me a bit. I try to always stay somewhere I know I will feel safe. I feel lucky that we have a nice view from our balcony at home. I definitely agree that it’s wonderful that we get to celebrate our freedom. Many take it for granted.

  2. Marina says:

    So strange, I felt the same about the 4th this year! It wasn’t until I saw fireworks that it felt right! Although, the ones out your way look a lot more beautiful! I’ve never been to Vegas but it is on my bucket list for sure!

  3. The fireworks were incredible this year. My children loved them. Las Vegas always puts on the best shows!!!

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