Las Vegas Bar Scene: A beginner’s Guide

Las Vegas Bar Scene: A Beginner’s Guide

Las Vegas Bar Scene

It’s time to go out, but a Vegas nightclub just seems dreadful and dressing up in a sequined dress feels like even more of a drag.

You’re probably looking for something low-key in jeans and (maybe) some bootie heels, but preferably flats. The group text you’re in is full of peer pressure to go out, and tonight is just not the night for loud music, long lines and a party dress.

Sound familiar?

If you’re ever stuck in this situation in Sin City, however, have no fear. I have some suggestions that will turn any group text into a very promising, yet low-key, night out at some of the best bars in Las Vegas. 

Check out my list of suggestions on Another great guide for locals. 

Happy drinking.

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