City Guide: The Cosmopolitan


City Guide: The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas

Where to eat? What to do? Why the Cosmo?


Every time I come to the Cosmopolitan I know exactly where I want to go, where I want to eat, and what I want to do.

It is the one hotel I always recommend visiting while in Vegas because it is beautiful to walk through and the food options here amazing.

Side Note** I celebrated my 21st birthday here and it was so much fun. My friends and I stayed in one of their suites and got ready for dinner and a night out on the strip. Obligatory 21st birthday stuff… you know how it goes. The room was beautiful and had the prettiest view of the Bellagio fountains.

Food: The other day I brought my sister with me to the Cosmopolitan for some food at one of their restaurants called Eggslut. If you have not tried this place, you’re missing out. This place started as a food truck inspired by a true love for eggs and has made its mark in different cities. I ordered one of their egg and cheese sandwich and asked for it on top of lettuce. Thought it was a weird request at first, but look on their menu and you will see they substitute any sandwich for salad.  The presentation of the food is so cool and everything is very fresh. I just love it. It’s a very casual dining experience so you’ll find yourself ordering at the counter and then sitting at one of their tall benches right next to the giant chandelier that surrounds the chandelier bar.

There are so many more options for food here: 

Beauty and Essex – AMAZING American food in a dimly lit, really social environment.

Milk – The best dessert and snack bar

Secret Pizza: Name given by locals because this place is actually not named and is hidden in a secret location.

Wicked Spoon – This is a high end buffet and an amazing brunch spot.

Rose Rabbit Lie – I’ll admit I have not yet been, but had to add this to the list because I have had my eye on this place for a long time now. They serve modern classics alongside live music and performances. Perfect date night Spot.

There are obviously so many more, but these are definitely my favorites.

Drinks: Speaking of Chandelier bar…This 24 hour bar serves the coolest drinks and is located in the heart of the casino. I recommend ordering the Verbena if you’re up for something a little different. This cocktail, concocted by lead mixologist Mariena Mercer, changes your tastebuds by activating your salivary glands and tickles your tongue. It’s definitely not for everyone, but if you’re up for an adventure then give this drink a shot. It is a lemon verbena and ginger infused margarita with a shichuan flower that you eat first.

What to do: I definitely recommend just taking a stroll around the casino and the different floors. There is so much beautiful artwork to see and even great seating for people watching. My favorite. Also, let me know if you find the four giant bears located on one of the floors in this hotel.

Anyways, have you been to the Cosmopolitan? If so, what are some of your favorite spots? Leave them in the comments below.















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