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Tarot Card Reading Las Vegas

I am so excited to bring a new series to my blog called, Vegas Spotlight. This is a place where I will feature people right here in the city of Las Vegas. We’ll uncover their stories, how they got to Vegas, why they love this city, and ultimately go behind the scenes of what they do.

Spiritual Connections Las Vegas

First up, Summer Rose. A spiritual therapist (or what we know as a psychic/medium) who has turned her gift into a beautiful business that transforms the lives around us. I had the privilege to sit down with Summer and pick her brain a little as to how psychics work. Let me tell you, I am blown away. I’ve been going to Summer for a long time now and I leave mesmerized every time. Summer picks up on everything I am feeling and helps me transform all of my fears into faith.

A spiritual therapist (or what we know as a psychic/medium) who has turned her gift into a beautiful business that transforms the lives around us.

Summer has not only become my friend, but my mentor, life coach, and spiritual guide. She has taken her beautiful gift and turned it into a business that not only reaches individuals in Las Vegas but all over the world.

There is a big misconception when it comes to psychics, intuitive, mediums, and clairvoyants to name a few. Skeptics are real. Fake psychics are a thing (we’ll get into that later), and knowing who to trust when it comes to opening your heart and spilling your deepest darkest secrets with can be tricky.

My hope is that this interview opens your eyes to the possibility of finding comfort in your life and knowing that even in the deepest hour of life, things will be ok.

Without further ado, let’s welcome Summer Rose!

What do you classify yourself as? Medium? Psychic? Healer?

Summer: I like to say that I am an Intuitive empath meaning I pick up on feelings and emotions. I also say that I am a Spiritual healer and a life coach. Lately, I call myself a spiritual therapist because my coaching has become therapy. I heal energy and balance chakras.

My main goal is to help people on their rightful path. Give people the clarity and focus they need to receive their rewards and abundance in life. I want to help people set goals and achieve them.

Summer Rose Las Vegas

When did you discover that you had this gift?

Summer: At 5-years-old I was sitting on the Santa Monica pier where my grandma was doing her own readings. A lady sat down next to me (who was waiting for my grandmother) and I felt her sadness. As I sat there coloring, something told me that I needed to tell her that she will be ok and to not worry. This woman’s energy got to me and I felt inclined to tell her she was going to be ok. The moment I told her, she started crying. My grandmother came out and said “ok, who’s next?” At that point, the lady said to my grandma, “I came in for a reading, but I don’t think I need one anymore.”

How do answers come to you? Colors, numbers, letters, voices?

Summer: When I first started it was a lot of infrared similar to colors. I would see infrared off of my clients. Now it’s a lot of words, numbers, names. However, most of it is feelings. My empath part picks up and takes over. For those that don’t know, I use tarot cards. These cards are just tools that I let speak to me. When I am doing a reading, I pick up off the energy of the cards. Many tarot readers just read the cards, I pick off of them too.

Do you have a morning routine before seeing all of your clients?

Summer: Every morning before I come in, I connect with the earth and the universe around me and ground myself. I open up my eye by saying I am open to my intuition. Then I open it up by doing chakra mantras – so third eye mantras. Focusing on seeing my eye open and seeing my clients is part of my morning routine.

How do you turn this gift on and off?

Summer: Lot’s of meditation and breathing. I never want to walk in a grocery store and get so uncomfortable with the energy that I have to leave.

When did you start doing this work professionally?

Summer: At the age of 12 – Over the summers on the Santa Monica Pier I would do a $3 palm reading for all ages. Started off with kids to get myself comfortable and then from there worked with families, teens, mothers, and fathers. That is where the gift truly developed and the catalyst to where I am today.

The biggest misconception when it comes to this line of work?

Summer: Has a lot to do with trust. There is a bad reputation with the word psychic. That’s why I don’t say it and I use the word intuitive. I work and strive every day to prove that I am a legit business. I’m licensed, I’m certified, I do everything I can to show people that I’m real. I’m here and I’m not here to hurt. There are some psychics out there that are here to hurt and I am here to help. It’s not about the money for me. Yes, it’s a job at the end of the day so everyone wants to make money, but for me, it’s about the people. Those reviews, that feedback, hearing “I feel better!” makes all the difference.

The biggest misconception is the trust, people don’t trust you because of what they heard and what they heard is that psychics are all bad and this is a gimmick. They want to sell you “candles for your curse” and I’m not about that.

This job does not sound easy. I mean, you hear all sorts of stories from the good, bad and ugly. How do you stay grounded and not get caught up in your client’s lives?

Summer: I usually catch people at their worst when they are confused and lost. You have to find a way to help people see the light and find the path back to where they should be. Not just with empathy, but with facts. With the word Psychic behind me, there is a lot that comes with that. It’s important to gain trust. Once I have built trust with the client, it is easy to get them on the right path so that they can naturally let what’s supposed to come to their life come. However, sometimes we’re blocked. We are all energy fields and absorb things daily.

It’s about allowing life’s opportunities to present themselves naturally and organically. When there is negative energy or we are focused on something so negative, we block that positive energy off and create an obstacle that we can’t even see the path we’re supposed to be on. On the flip side, the opportunity hasn’t presented itself because we’re so focused on what we don’t want. My job is to get people out of their head so that they can see the light. That’s my main goal. Piece of mind and clarity.

You must be exhausted when you get home?

Summer: You have no idea!

What do you do to unwind and not carry everyone’s energy home?

Summer: Before I leave the office I do a quick meditation to let go of everything. This usually consists of deep breathes with a visualization of seeing everyone’s energy on my inhale and on the exhale I let the energy go. Sometimes I hold crystals. I have special crystals that their main purpose is to absorb energy and let go. Sometimes I don’t go straight home. I will go eat, walk around, and shake off the energy. I usually say a mantra such as, “I don’t want it, I don’t need it, I don’t deserve it” to let go and get rid of energy.

Since I am an empath and energy can become very heavy, I sometimes suffer from a headache.

I recommend everyone takes a mini break between home and what they do. If you work from home, get out and separate work from home. Hairdressers are a great example of individuals that need to let it go. They are taking energy from people all day by playing with hair so it is important for them to release the energy before making their way home. Do some breathing, meditate, hold crystals, or say a blessing before bringing any energy home.

For people that might be new to meditation, what are some quick and easy ways to get started?

Summer: Remember there is no right or wrong way to meditate. The best way to get started is with breathing. Deep breathes in and out – focus on giving and receiving. When meditating, focus on what you do want rather than what you don’t want. If we get into manifesting, which is what a lot of my clients ask about, all you have to do is go to a happy place. This will calm you down and get you more focused on a specific area of your life. Always smell it, feel it, experience it, see it, hear it…use all the senses. You can be on your couch, in your mother’s kitchen, at the park, on a hike, etc. Once you’re in your happy place, start focusing on what you do want.

Favorite topic to discuss?

Summer: Love. Everyone wants to be accepted and everyone wants to be loved, but no one knows how to love themselves first.

How should people prepare before a reading?

Summer: Come open-minded to receive messages you’re meant to hear. I want my clients to remember that I am just the messenger.

Where can everyone find you?

Summer: You can book with me on my website

Or give me a call at (702) 761- 6926. You can also find me on Instagram @spiritualconnectionslv


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