Are you suffering with bad allergies in Las Vegas?

Have you been suffering from bad allergies in Las Vegas?

Cool Breeze Las Vegas has you covered with their professional air duct and dryer vent cleaning right here in Las Vegas.

If you happen to be someone that suffers from seasonal allergies, I’m so sorry! I am right there with you.  The dry climate, plants, trees, and crazy amounts of pollen are definitely to blame for the excess sneezing and coughing.

As someone who suffers from bad allergies, I know the parameters it takes to control the symptoms. Close all windows and doors, remove any plants or trees that might be contributing to bad allergies, clean the bed sheets regularly, wipe down your dog after a walk, and change your air filters with a professional, commercial air duct cleaning.

Did you know, changing your air filters at least three to four times a year can dramatically reduce any allergy symptoms you might be suffering with?

Not only is it important to regularly clean your home, getting the dirt and grime out of your air ducts and a professional dryer vent cleaning is so important. Above all, since Las Vegas experiences a lot of dust and wind, it might be smart to have your air ducts cleaned, serviced, and sanitized every 3-4 years by a professional.

Here are 5 reasons why you need your air ducts cleaned by a professional:

Your lungs will thank you – To avoid that annoying cough and the uncontrollable sneezing, clean those air ducts. Stuffy noses and respiratory symptoms might be signs that it is time to professionally clean.

It eliminates any bad odors that may be lingering in the home – You know that smell you get when you walk into your home that just doesn’t seem to go away? I hate to break it to you, but there might be some nasty particles lodged deep inside those vents. As a result, those pesky smells are lingering. With this in mind, a professional air duct cleaning guarantees a great smelling home.

Improves the efficiency of your AC– Have you ever been in someones home and there is a loud sound that just won’t go away? You walk around the house trying to figure out where the noise is coming from, but nothing seems to give? As a result, it is a noisy AC working overtime due to the clogged air ducts that are impeding airflow. The unit is working overtime and you are too to try and make money for the heating/cooling cost.

A cleaner living environment I feel like this one does not need a lengthy explanation, but just know that clean air ducts can lead to a cleaner home. The dust is no longer being circulated around the house and getting stuck on coaches and carpets.

Reduction in lung irritants and allergens– Those that suffer from allergies know the feeling of lung irritation. The pollen that makes us sneeze is probably hanging out up there just waiting to come down. Professionally cleaning those air ducts helps avoid respiratory problems and all allergy symptoms.

Everyone loves a clean home and what’s even better is a cleaner lifestyle. For more information on why you should clean your air ducts, visit Cool Breeze Las Vegas. Call (702) 583-2601 for a free estimate.

BEST NEWS – New customers get 10% off. If you’re interested in getting your dryer vents cleaned, spend as little as $89.

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