A Las Vegas Guide: What to Pack

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What to pack for your trip to Las Vegas

Packing List for Las Vegas The Olive Brunette

Your trip to Las Vegas is around the corner and you are EXCITED, to say the least. However, you’re worried about the weather, what to wear to the club, dinner, the strip…etc. Have no fear, Sivan (Me- The Olive Brunette) is here!

I always always always look to blogs/influencers for a packing guide when I travel to a new city. Getting a feel for how people dress is always key! Let’s face it, no one wants to show up looking out of place. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about embracing my style and wearing what makes me happy, but if everyone wears tights with their skirts to a club because it’s 30 degrees out, you bet your bottom dollar I’ll be doing the same. So yes, I am all about doing some research and preparation so I can look and feel my best. Capice?

Ok, let’s get into it. This list can go a number of ways. I can simply share clothes & shoes that you should pack OR we can be methodical and prepare for venues and experiences. I choose the latter.

I’m guessing you’re coming to Vegas on a girl’s trip of some sort? Or, you’re traveling with your S/O and want to look cute, but also casual. I got you – I’m the same!

*Keep in mind that we are hitting the cooler months in Vegas, so this list is geared towards that – breezy nights and sweater weather. Contrary to popular belief, Las Vegas DOES get cold.

A night out: If you’re preparing to go out to a nice dinner and a club on the strip, I’ll tell you that we dress up! Do not be shy. If there is a dress in your closet that you’ve been dying to wear, bring it! There is nothing worse than getting to your hotel and realizing you should’ve brought that outfit you contemplated packing. Also, those heels thrown in the back of your closet – bring those too! It does get very hot in the clubs so I wouldn’t worry about bringing a jacket. However, if you’re planning on walking from one hotel to the next for dinner, a show, and then the club I would advise bringing something warm. Maybe that’s the future mom in me? IDK. Better safe than sorry.

What to Pack – Dress, skirt & nice top, heels or booties, leather jacket (cute, but also warm), cross body bag

Dinner and a Show: My personal preference when going to shows on the strip is to dress up. However, there are people that go very casual. I am only mentioning this because I have been asked numerous times what the attire for a show is. If dressing up isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Some booties, nice jeans, and a blouse is a perfect outfit for a Las Vegas show. Dresses and heels are also very acceptable. Keep in mind that some restaurants on the strip DO have a dress code so just do a little research before.

What to Pack – Nice jeans, booties, blouse, purse, perfume

Sightseeing: Whether you’re perusing the strip or taking a trip to Red Rock, I highly recommend packing comfortable shoes that you will last all day in! Thankfully those dad shoes are making a scene these days and they look very comfortable. Not my thing, but if you have them, bring em! My go-to shoe choice for a day out would be my converse or timberlands. I find both very comfortable. I’ve recently purchased the newest timbs and omg are they comfy. Link to amazon timberlands HERE. They are lightweight and mesh to my foot! I’m obsessed. I also splurged and got the 6” Amston boot that I am obsessed with. Both are very much my fall/winter shoes of choice. I digress.

What to pack – Comfy shoes, leggings, sweater, backpack (cutest steve madden one I found here), sunglasses 

Sleep: Probably the most important packing item that I ALWAYS forget to pack. Bring something comfy that you will be excited to change into at the end of the night. Remember to bring your eye mask if that’s your thing. I heard THIS one is really good. If you forget, hotels usually provide both sleeping masks and earplugs.

What to Pack – Comfy PJ’s, sleeping mask, socks

Jacuzzi: It’s a little breezy so the pool might not be an option, but there is always time for the hot tub. Remember to bring a bathing suit for some Jacuzzi time.

What to Pack – Swimsuit, cover-up, sandals

Miscellanies items that every woman hates to leave behind – Makeup, curling iron or flat iron, bras, underwear, jewelry. Hey, if that’s the only thing you remember to even bring, I think you’re set!

Hotel Survival Kit: Not necessary to pack prior to your trip, but I highly recommend taking a quick stop to the grocery store before heading to your hotel for a few things! One, water. Two, snacks! Three, Advil. Water in the hotel is expensive and their mini bar selection is way overpriced. Also, grab some alcohol for a night of pre-gaming to save you some money at the clubs. Just saying. I am not here to sugar coat a thing.

What to grab – Snacks, a case of water, alcohol, Advil

At the end of the day make sure to pack what makes you feel happy and confident. I can give you all the suggestions in the world, but I want your stay in Vegas to be fun and stress-free! These are simply my suggestions and personal picks for a weekend in Vegas. If you forget something, remember that there is always an option to stop at the mall – It’s a great shopping excuse. Have fun and make sure to tag me in your posts @sivangavish

What are you packing in your suitcase? I’d love to hear ♥♠♦♣

Las Vegas Packing List

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